2-Ply Bell Covers (Price varies by size)

Price: $13.99

Size Recommendations:

Oboe or Bassoon: 2" Cover
Bb Clarinet: 3" Cover
Alto Saxophone or Bass Clarinet: 5" Cover
Trumpet: 4" Cover
Tenor Saxophone: 7" Cover
Trombone or Baritone Saxophone: 8" Cover
Small Tuba (w/15" - 18" bell): 15"
C Tuba, Full Sized: 19" Cover
French Horn: 12" Cover
Mellophone or Euphonium: 11" Cover
Baritone Horn or Bass Trombone: 9" Cover
3/4 Tuba: 17" Cover
Sousaphone: 26" Cover

Based on the same solid design as the 1-ply bell cover, our 2-ply bell cover has MERV 13 Media Material installed in the second layer.

Model: PPE2BC
Manufacturer: PPE

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