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Elefante Music hosts top models of intermediate and professional woodwind and brass instruments. The brands we carry represent those with esteemed reputations, earned through meticulous design and superior materials. These instruments enable exceptional tone, are mechanically reliable, can endure many years of performances and competitions, and are a joy to play.

Generally, we recommend upgrading to an advanced level instrument when the player has 2-4 years of experience and/or a pronounced musical ability.  

We are proud to accommodate musicians with a selection of brands and models that will exceed their requirements. We are an authorized dealer for many notable names, including Selmer-Paris and Yanagisawa saxophones, Buffet-Crampon clarinets, Azumi flutes, and Vincent Bach brass.

You can browse and purchase online or visit us at our store. If you don't see what you're looking for, please contact us. We are often able to special order any model that is currently available with a manufacturer for whom we are an authorized dealer.

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We are an authorized dealer for these fine instrument brands:


Buffet-Crampon Jupiter Bach Pearl Flutes Azumi Flutes Burkart Flutes and Piccolos Conn Dean Yang Flutes Fox Double Reeds Holton King Ludwig Mapex Musser Pearl Percussion Selmer-Paris Selmer USA Vito Yanagisawa